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NEWS! Janine has been busy writing a trove of lush new songs. Many of these are soon to be recorded for a new solo album "Blink" . This exciting new project will feature the instrumental and vocal talents of ravens as well as a host of fine Melbourne musicians. Please join Janine's Facebook friends HERE and MySpace HERE and if you want to secure your copy of the album, some VIP tickets to an upcoming concert, or perhaps even a private concert in your home, vist Pledge Music to pledge your support HERE. These are the lengths to which independent artists must go in order to distribute their music. But looking on the bright side - it brings us all closer together, doesn't it?

6, 10, 14 possible excuses reasons why our website has been ignored hasn't been updated for some time...

1- The dog ate my computer

2- We don't have enough wind farms to generate electricity in Australia

3- The message pigeon must have got lost

4- Life is really busy so there hasn't been time to write

5- Life is really boring so there hasn't been anything to report

6- My fingers hurt

7- A strange virus wiped my memory and I couldn't remember who I was or why I'm here

8- I misplaced my list of "Things to do"

9- Deutsche Telekom shut us down

10- Anything to do with the word "naked" had been banned from the internet

11- Australia has it's first female prime minister and we've been busy celebrating

12- We've been part of a time machine experiment and have only just returned from having afternoon tea with Stravinsky

13- We've been on sabbatical with the Amish

14- We're hopeless

As a token of apology, we've found a couple of live tracks in our archives that we'd like you to download for free. Enjoy.

"HAPPENING" - Live in Brugge, 2004

The band: Stephanie, Janine, James, Fiona Furphy , Ben Edgar

"FALL AT YOUR FEET"- Live in Bremen, 2006

The band: Stephanie, Janine and James


Thanks to all of you who write to us. We've been getting a lot of requests for lyrics and charts. Lyrics for Sunday Best & Never Quite can now be viewed on the "Detail" link beneath these albums on the SHOP page. Just click on the track name for the song lyrics you desire. More albums to come.


"Sunday Best"

Putting this record together was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Once again, we were privileged to have our favourite chef, James Roche (Never Quite) on board as producer. Thanks to fabulous advances in internet technology, he was able to don his favourite tracksuit and "sit in" on recording sessions in Australia from the comfort of his London studio. Go Skype! The album has been a team effort across the globe and we say thank you to all musicians, engineers, choristers and cheer squad members who got on board.

Read on for a snippet from the album liner notes.

"...A compilation album presents the artist with a glorious problem: how to review (in our case) fourteen years of material, journeys and musical combinations, 6 studio albums, 1 live album, a live DVD, an EP and a maxi-single. Add to this already-daunting list several thousand of the most discerning, concentrated, splendidly opinionated European fans and one is tempted to give up. Or redefine.

And so, we present this album to you as a celebration of our band - the weird and wonderful stories, songs, journeys and constellations, the sheer improbability of it all, the mystery, and, throughout, one beloved drummer still standing.

As for the song list, please don't ask why. We take it as a compliment that we simply cannot satisfy everyone so here are some big favourites, some old favourites re-recorded and some brand new, exclusive soon-to-be favourites for you to bask in..."


While we are in Australia, please for European Orders CLICK HERE

The last two concerts for 2006 were held at an old Naked Raven favourite-the Kalksceune in Berlin. We recorded both nights, and the first tracks are now available HERE for you to download. Other selections will follow soon.

Download FREE songs HERE.

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