Naked Raven

new album:
"Never Quite" 2006. Recorded in Berlin. Produced by James Roche.

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European Bookings:
Thomas Franke

Grossbeerenstr. 82
10963 Berlin
fon: 49 (0) 30 3087 2883
fax: 49 (0) 30 3087 2885

Australasia Bookings:
Naked Raven Management

North America Bookings:
Naked Raven Management

Live in Leipzig
The Wonder from Down Under
The Aesthetes of Pop (Kassel 2004)
Perfect Sound for the Summer: Naked Raven (Berlin 2004)
An Evening for Eye, Ear and Soul (Jena)  

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Recent sell-out shows to audiences across Europe have attracted rave reviews for Naked Raven and scores of return invitations.

'...thrilling atmosphere...'    '...emotional  landscapes...'

  '...surprising harmonies...'    '...soulful melodic folk ballads...'

This group of Australian musicians brings classical finesse to an alternative, pop sound. Their divine blend of strings, percussion, piano, acoustic guitar and vocals has an unparalleled capacity to mesmerize new crowds.  

At many European festivals where the likes of Tori Amos, Michelle Shocked and Ani DiFranco have appeared, it is Naked Raven that holds the record for on-site CD sales.

Since accepting their first invitations to perform at a number of European festivals in 1996, Naked Raven have gone on to record seven albums, complete annual international tours and build a reputation as an innovative and eclectic ensemble.Thoughtful lyrics, carefully crafted arrangements and breathtaking performances have earned Naked Raven popular acclaim. Their sound is incomparable.

"The fantastic voice of lead singer/songwriter Janine Maunder is one of Australia's most respected. Janine's singing ranges from warm, full and soulful to the most delicate and haunting beauty. With the magic of James Richmond's percussion mixed with virtuosic guitar playing and the warm, dark sound of the cello, Naked Raven weaves a soulful carpet of sound and emotion. Blending brilliant and lyrical violin tones and sweet vocal harmonies from Stephanie Lindner they create a musical unity as fine as it is rare."