Naked Raven

Rod Davies
- We think he has the best voice in the universe. Rod has been honing his singer/songwriter chops for years, so if you're into melodic, intelligent pop/rock/indie/quirky/folk check out his music @

Simon Lewis - He travels the globe recording exotic sounds, voices and instruments, mixes in beats, grooves, creates songs and soundscapes with local musicians resulting in a truly universal record. Check out Amanaska @

Josephine Abbatangelo - A self-confessed frustrated artist, this woman can create anything she puts her mind to. Naked Raven has been fortunate to have her in charge of all our design since 2001, including our current website.

James Roche - He's won ARIA's, APRA awards and probably a trophy for his Alio e Olio too! FABULOUS producer, songwriter, musician, pianist, nice guy and chef. Oh, and he produced our new album, "Never Quite". Aren't we lucky!!

Chelsea Plumley - She's gorgeous, talented, funny, and sometimes sings in French. She's conquered the musical theatre stage in Australia, and after the success of her one-woman cabaret show, "Live and Luscious", she sensibly followed her dream and relocated to London. It's only a matter of time before the whole world knows her name.

Chris Kapa- Despite the fact that he's gone all herbal on us (no more alcohol or caffeine) he hasn't lost his creative flair. His photographs are stunning, as you can see on this website and the "Never Quite" sleeve.

Enoteca - Quite simply, Enoteca is Naked Raven's favourite restaurant in Europe for the finest food and wine, and unequalled service. Ask the boss about his famous tofu dish and Vorsicht! if Guiseppe serves you your coffee (made by the Faema 61, especially imported from Italy, if you don't mind).

Stephen Joyce - This man writes beautiful music and plays beautiful guitars. He co-wrote one of Naked Raven's currently most-loved songs, 'Brave' and played on 'Holding Our Breath'. Check out his stuff at

Traumton Studios - We want to move in. A former dance hall, Traumton is acoustical heaven, houses a gorgeous grand and is the place where Naked Raven's recording dreams came true. And could one find a better technician with savvier ears than Herr Dr Prof Markus Mittermeyer? We defy you.

UFO - The guys at this studio in Prenzlauerberg are on it - highly professional, good-looking, talented and attentive to every detail. They even have a bunker for your recording pleasure! We have to admit our relationship with them is not strictly musical - it may also include Italian cookery.

Yakou Tribe - This band is hot. We recommend you buy all their albums and check out a live performance at the next available opportunity. Kai Br�ückner is a guitarist you need to hear.

Arne Jansen - Arne is the leader of a fantastic jazz trio with a fantastic new release, 'My Tree'. He's one of Berlin's most sought-after guitarists and we got to play with him. Lucky, aren't we. Pick up a CD or three at

Deep Strings - These guys are amazing - the silky voice of Anne-Christin Schwarz, the unrivalled chops of Stephan Braun. And together they groove and chop like you've never heard. On celli. Really.

Ton-Art Beschallung - Better known to us as Joachim Scweiger (or just: Tiger.) Europe's best sound engineer; a techie to boot; a Mac man of the first order; and a whiz with the 'ole Yamaha DM1000 digital mixing console - source of dread and awe to mere mortal sound engineers.

Double Eye
- The only place in Berlin Naked Raven goes for a coffee in the manner to which we are accustomed. It's all in the milk, you see.

Janine - A little bit more about our singer/songwriter/pianist/and erstwhile soulsister.

James - Bits and pieces from the back seat of the band.

Some of our lovely European friends have also made web sites:

Ravenites - A new forum for friends and fans ( and ravens ) to communicate. RAVENITES