Naked Raven

When Naked Raven achieves trans-global domination, caught in the net will be dozens of fan sites, transcripts of interviews with the international media, and a record of their meeting with the Pope. The artists' histories, pastimes and occasional indiscretions will be recorded in full and excruciating detail, while the fans will debate the nuance of every gig, album, interview and appearance ad nauseum. Until then, however, you will have to content yourself with these snippets - and what you see in the meat universe.

Google Janine and you unearth a background of tooters, ticklers and trillers. An underage teenager being driven by her parents to gigs in piano bars. Special times with Bert. Pipping Kylie with the Neighbours theme. Wears a ski skirt in a hot pub without fainting and outwits the Chapel Street fashionistas. Anime-hair in white or black and an inscrutable smile.

A real-world search on Steph reveals a cryptic crossword lover, practical joker and the founder and follower of gelati o'clock. Pull up a few images and you'll see Fab-ulous dark hair and lanky wrists, a violinists' hands. Wears black, of course. Loves Melbourne cafes, German audiences, and dinners with friends. Ah, the serenity.

Dark horse James leaves few tracks on-line. Pops up in a few genealogies. Bakes berry muffins. Plays anything and everything, even the speakers given a chance.

Together they make beautiful music. Chamber pop, music for the soul. Sophisticated listening.

And why Europe? Perhaps they're sick of Australian pubs, with their smoke, heavy drinkers and raucous laughter in the quiet bits. Perhaps they yearn for an attentive audience. Perhaps it has become their musical Home. Or maybe they just harbour secret desires for international fame and being mobbed at airports - and Europe is their best chance for that.

Whatever. They'll transport you to music nirvana!

We ravens have been fortunate to perform with a plethora of (the world's) finest musicians, and our current guest musicians and members of the raven family are Anne-Christin Schwarz, a fine cellist and vocalist from Berlin and Ben Edgar from Melbourne - quite possibly the best guitarist in the world. For more information about these wonderful artists and their own projects, visit Deep Strings and Ben Edgar.